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The Petrol Tax will be an unfair hit to families who are already finding it hard to make ends meet.

Here on the Coast, we need our cars to get to and from work, to pick up the kids and to do even basic shopping.

Adding hundreds of dollars extra in petrol tax will make every day activities harder, and force some Coasties off the road completely.

Every time Coasties pull up to the bowser, they will remember each litre is charged at the Tony Abbott premium.

We call on Tony Abbott to scrap his plans to pump up petrol prices with his new tax.

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An unfair tax on the most vulnerable section of our society. Shame on you Tony Abbot!
signed 2014-07-16 21:11:23 +1000
we don’t need a tax on petrol we pay a high price for our fuel as it is.enough is enough Mr Abbott.
signed 2014-07-16 17:04:45 +1000
The price of petrol in Umina, and Kariong are already sitting at an average of around $1.55 per litre for E10 – the rubbish of petrol in terms of efficiency. Go to a Servo on Pennant Hills Rd its about 5 – 10 cents per litre cheaper. Now add this new tax on the excise we on the central coast will probably pay around $1.65 per litre for E10 if not more

The bottom line is People need money, not Governments, we are the tax payer, bill payer, rent payer, mortgage payer, and the sad thing is Wages are not going up in proportion to everything else, not to mention the instability of employment.
signed 2014-06-29 20:43:54 +1000
Since you are in power you are punishing us Pensioner.

Mr. Abbott don’t you like us?

Helmut Neubauer
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Sign the petition: Petrol Tax
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I would like Tony Abbott to scrap his plans to increase petrol prices with his new tax. I use my car to drive my son to school every day and pick him up (12km each way from my home) and then I also drive another 15km each way in the opposite direction to get to work. I also use my car for work. This increased petrol price due to Tony Abbott’s petrol taxes will affect me greatly.

Kind Regards

Sheree Foley.
signed 2014-06-02 09:10:09 +1000
Mr Abbott

The people of the Cental Coast will pay a high price for your broken promises and lies in this unfair budget particularly those that can least afford it Pensioners, Young Families and those on fixed incomes but rest assured that you and your Liberal cohorts, Wicks & McNamara will pay a much higher price at the next election
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If the rapid rises in Beer prices are a guide because of indexed excise charges you can expect the same with petrol. The unchecked rape and pillage with fuel prices by the cartels is already an unmitigated disaster. No other justification except unlicensed greed.
signed 2014-06-01 08:19:06 +1000
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The local bus service only operates 3 buses a day in our neighbourhood. The nearest stop is 500 meters. At 78 a car is mandatory and any extra cost in a fuel levy will make it almost impossible to manage. Scrap the fuel tax!
signed 2014-05-31 21:55:23 +1000
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Work with the independents to block this and the $7.00 cost of visiting the GP. As seniors, we are hard hit by unnecessary losses to our entitlements after working and paying taxes all our working lives.
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